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Wholesale Price List
A Wholesale Price List is available for all Holloware in the Guilde Des Orfèvres catalog.

Wholesale Prices are negotiable (depends on volume).
The entire inventory is available at less 50%, less 50% of the retail price, a saving of 75%.




The traditional silversmithing is a craft requiring several years of apprenticeship in the different manufacturing process: Stamping, Mold Dies, Hammering, Raising, Spinning, Punching, Soldering, Applying Mounts, Chasing, Burnishing, etc.

Each item is handcrafted accordingly. The Sheffield plate is world-renowned quality. These were the words of the founder, Mr. James Dixon, when thanking his workpeople for a silver Epergne, presented to him on his seventieth birthday in 1842. "When I commenced business in 1806. It was with this determination that nothing should go out of my hands, bearing my name, which could disgrace that name"

This is the quality of British Standard, this quality is not available anywhere now.


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